Friends to Lovers VOL I by Stefanie Simpson, K Sterling, Marie Lipscomb, Kait Gamble, A. Perveen, Edie Cay, Jaqueline Snowe, Rachel Bowdler, Yvette De Oro, Emily Hemenway, Lucy Khoo, Jeannie Rose North, Bex GoosMy short story “Breakfast in Taipei” will be in the Violet Gaze Press Friends to Lovers VOL I anthology, coming out in August 2021.

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Jennie has lived in Taipei for two years and is happy to play tour guide for visitors. When Andrew arrives, she expects to spend a week showing him the sights, sounds, and tastes of her city. Over the years of their friendship, she’s seen women fall for him and then fall to pieces, so she’s always been happy to keep their relationship platonic. To her consternation, his appeal draws her in, and Jennie ends up seeing—and tasting—a lot more of Andrew.